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Legalization of Foreign Workers

At PIXY Employment Agency, we understand the complexities and intricacies of legalizing foreign workers in Poland. We offer comprehensive services for both employees and employers, ensuring a smooth and lawful process. From acquiring work permits to arranging accommodation and providing essential support, we handle all the necessary steps to legalize the employment of foreigners. Our commitment to legal and ethical practices sets us apart, giving you the assurance of a compliant and efficient process. Trust PIXY to facilitate the legal employment of foreign workers, making the recruitment process seamless for all parties involved.

Różni pracownicy - Różne profesje

Legalization of Foreign Workers with PIXY Employment Agency

At PIXY Employment Agency, we are experts in the processes related to the legalization of foreign workers in Poland. Our services include:

  • Residence legalization (temporary, permanent, long-term EU resident)

  • Work permits

  • Registration of statements for entrusting work execution at the Labor Office

  • Registration in the invitation register

  • Registration of EU citizens' residence

  • Establishing business activities in the form of companies

  • Comprehensive legal assistance under the Act on Foreigners

  • Filing appeals against issued decisions

With our support, we ensure that the legalization process proceeds smoothly and in compliance with applicable laws, eliminating unnecessary complications and misunderstandings.

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