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In cooperation with a German employment agency, we are looking for people to work in a nursing home in Germany.

Opiekunka z podopieczną

Childminder Germany

Would you like to work as an elderly carer in Germany? The PIXY Employment Agency  is currently recruiting for this position. If you are motivated to work, empathetic, sensitive to the needs of others, and you know German. Then this offer is for you!

Details of offer

What we offer:

  • Attractive salary

  • Free accommodation in a single room

  • Employment contract for an indefinite period

  • 24 days of paid leave

  • Health insurance and pension contributions paid in Germany

Our expectations:

  • Availability

  • Communicative knowledge of the German language

  • Experiences

  • Vaccinations against COVID 19

785 655 014

Call and get more information!

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