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The work of a coordinator in an employment agency involves two important elements. The first involves the relationship with the client, and the second with the candidates. Both are aimed at building trust and loyalty. That is why the work of the coordinator is challenging, but also incredibly interesting.

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Relationships with Clients

Coordinators focus on fruitful cooperation with Clients. Through well and professionally performed recruitment duties and expert advice (requires continuous improvement of their skills). Relationships are based on mutual respect and trust.

One of the important points of cooperation that we are guided by is honesty about recruitment. It is better to say from the outset that recruitment may take longer, explain why and give factual arguments, than to promise that Candidates will be found basically immediately. It is also worth remembering that the Client knows his or her industry and usually also knows what its limitations are. Excessively strained trust may end up breaking off cooperation due to failure to meet the terms of the contract.

In a conversation with the coordinator, the Client can raise concerns about the candidates – knowing that he will receive specific, professional feedback. He can trust the competence of a person who not only has extensive HR experience, but also has daily contact with recruitment.

Building such a Client-Coordinator relationship deepens with each well-conducted recruitment. We have such Clients who trust us against the background that we are their only external recruitment support. They save both time and money by working with us.

Relationships with Candidate

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Another type of relationship is the contact between the coordinator and the Candidate. This relationship involves another dependency. The Candidate, trusting our skills or knowledge, must be sure that we will not put him on the proverbial "mine". We, knowing what values are most important to the employee, will not count on him choosing our offer. If he received a twin offer from someone else, but with a higher salary or a better get-to-work.

Instead, we pointed out that when dealing with candidates, it's best to have a frank exchange of ideas, not to hide anything from people who are trying to get into the chosen position. This way, we have a lower ratio of employees who leave after one day or don't show up for work at all.

So we ask questions of candidates and wait for an answer – even if it is uncomfortable for us. We don't criticize. Thanks to the open communication obtained in this way – we often receive information about counteroffers or attempts to move to the competitor.

Thanks to the knowledge thus obtained. We have the opportunity to renegotiate terms with the client. It also allows us to prepare for the possibility of a Candidate withdrawing from the process, or even to secure with other Candidates.

On the other hand, being Candidates:

We hope that after applying for a position, someone will appreciate our skills and invite us for an interview. When that happens, we hope for feedback on how we performed, what stage we are at.

From the coordinator (recruiter) requires – whether during or after the project:

  • to be systematic in action – in reviewing available resumes, arranging meetings with the best-fit Candidates,

  • making many phone calls,

  • sending messages – emails, text messages.

This allows us to return to Candidates with new proposals for cooperation. We are aware that even if the previous time there was no cooperation, this time they are willing to talk to us again and participate in the next process.

The coordinators, having signed the agreement with the Candidates, also have the additional role of guardians of the employees. They are the ones who can be contacted about the contract, with questions, report absences, etc. If necessary, the coordinators also take care of accommodation when relocating employees.

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In summary, the work of the Coordinator requires the ability to listen and empathize – in the case of Candidates. Flexibility and creativity are also important – as the Coordinator should actively respond to the needs of the market and Clients.


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