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With us you will find the best job for you!

Wszystkie ręce - współpraca w biurze


Agencja Pracy PIXY sp. z o.o., based in Wrocław, is a renowned company registered in the National Register of Employment Agencies under number 23574. We are a leader in the recruitment market, providing efficient and effective services to both businesses and individuals. We believe that a CV is not just a piece of paper; it represents the history, skills, and potential of each individual.

Our mission, as experienced consultants, is to fully understand the needs of both employers and job seekers. We strive to create the perfect match of knowledge, skills, and personality, thus building lasting business relationships.

What sets us apart?

  1. Personalized Approach: We treat every recruitment project as a unique challenge. There are no two identical cases for us, which is why our approach is absolutely individualized.

  2. Flexibility: The world of work is constantly evolving, and we are ready for any challenge. Our flexibility allows us to adapt to the changing market conditions.

We are here to help you find the best solutions in the field of recruitment and employment. Contact us to learn more about how we can assist you in achieving success.


Agencja Pracy PIXY is your partner in the search for the best talents in three key sectors. With our experience and flexible approach, we provide solutions tailored to your unique business needs.


Agencja Pracy PIXY offers professional recruitment services in the HORECA sector. We help you find the best employees for hotels, restaurants, cafes, and catering companies. With our solutions, we guarantee the delivery of qualified workers who will contribute to the success of your business in the hospitality industry.


Our agency specializes in the recruitment of industrial workers. We provide support in finding qualified specialists and employees for production, assembly, warehouses, and other industrial fields. With our experience and professionalism, we ensure you have the necessary resources for effective work in the industrial sector.

Service sector

Our recruitment services also encompass the service sector. We assist businesses in finding suitable employees for areas such as customer service, administration, office management, marketing, and many more. Our agency strives to provide you with qualified specialists who will support the growth of your business in the service sector.


Are you looking for a job in Poland? Or maybe you want to take up employment  in one of the European Union countries? You are interested in  work  permanent, or maybe you are interested in part-time work?


No matter what job you are looking for, we will help you find an interesting offer tailored to your needs and requirements. Our offer includes:

  • temporary work

  • permanent work

  • work in Poland and abroad

  • support in legalizing work and stay

  • support and advice legal


For us, you are the most important. Therefore, in addition to interesting, legal work, we guarantee You look after the coordinator throughout the entire period of cooperation.

See if our solutions match your expectations and contact us.

Szukanie pracy, Dłonie na klawiaturze.
rozmowa kwalifikacyjna


Your company lacks employees? Are you looking for support in recruiting specialists for your team? Take advantage of our solutions:

  • recruiting temporary workers

  • recruitment of permanent employees

  • employee leasing

  • employee outsourcing

  • servicing groups of employees

  • legalization of work and stay of foreigners.


Our team of specialists, based on the experience gained, is able to support and advise optimal solutions in the area of Human Resources needed for your company.

Check what the cooperation looks like and contact us now.

Why Us?

We are the number one choice because our employment agency stands out for its professionalism, flexibility, and commitment. We have extensive experience in the field of recruitment, allowing us to effectively provide solutions tailored to individual client needs. Our team of experts is ready to help you achieve professional success, regardless of the industry or qualifications. Choose us to discover the opportunities that lie in collaborating with the Temporary Employment Agency PIXY.

The team at PIXY Employment Agency provides comprehensive support for job seekers by presenting attractive job offers across various industries of varying levels of specialization, both within Poland.

For employers, we have prepared a dedicated service of a project and recruitment manager who will be responsible for overseeing the recruitment process and project management.

We invite you to contact us for detailed information about our services.

Office scene


Szczęśliwa Dziewczyna  dostała zaproszenie na spotkanie w sprawie pracy.
Grupa rekruterów wybiera najlepszych kandydatów z zagranicy.
Uścisk dłoni
Osoby ze zdjęcia wskazuja palcami na ciebie


You're looking for a job? Check out our offers, you will surely find something for yourself.


Are you a foreigner? Are you looking for a job on the Polish market.
We will be happy to assist you in obtaining documents that will enable you to stay and work legally.


Thanks to our knowledge and experience  we are find for your company  the right employee. How we do it?


We support our candidates. We help in finding a suitable job  tailored to your qualifications and experience.

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