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What does the recruitment of temporary workers depend on?

Sometimes companies know in advance that there will be a need for new employees. Why? There are many reasons for this situation, and they include, for example, the seasonality of a certain type of business, periodic increases in demand for products or services. In order to effectively plan such an undertaking, it is first necessary to answer the question of what factors recruitment depends on. In the following article, we will try to answer this question.

Basic factors affecting the duration of recruitment

If you, as an employer, are asking yourself how long it takes to recruit temporary workers, pay attention to several factors:

The level of competence for a specific position – usually, recruitment for a position requiring specialized skills can take longer than for those where such skills are not needed – differs both: the level of sophistication of the recruitment and the way the candidate's competence is checked.

So if you are planning to hire specialized workers, we suggest you start working with an employment agency as soon as possible. So that the recruitment company has time to conduct a thorough recruitment process and vet candidates for the proposed position.

In case you are looking for employees for positions that do not require specialization. The course of recruitment is much shorter, because in addition to the standard recruitment processes, the employment agency can launch an active database of employees. Thanks to the possibility of using the above-mentioned base, the entire recruitment process can be shortened, while the employer's requirements will be fully implemented.

Location – affects the effectiveness of recruitment. This is because in the case of, for example, smaller towns, it may be more difficult to find employees, especially skilled ones.

Logistics, for example, may be a challenge – as it may be difficult for an employee to get to work by lack or tiller of public transportation, or there may be a problem finding accommodation.

However, our agency tries to meet the demand of employers, while taking care of the comfort of employees. In many cities, we have housing units where employees can live. Sometimes we also organize commuting for employees.

Seasonality of work – some workers are looking for work for a short period of time, e.g., students – for the vacation period. Others are only interested in a longer stay, e.g. refugees from Ukraine.

Due to the frequent changes in the demand for employees in different companies. We can find a replacement in a short period of time or even transfer an employee from one company to another – of course, when they agree and sign the appropriate documents.

Nationality of the employees – the most important thing for us is that the whole process is done in a legal and comfortable way for both parties. Acquisition of documents may involve other duties and other execution time depending on the nationality, origin of the future employee.

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To summarize:

Recruitment depends on the factors outlined above, and only after reviewing the situation can you estimate the duration of a specific recruitment.

We would be happy to talk about the possibility of cooperation and matching your business and labor needs. Send an inquiry or call us.


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