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How to Cope—When You Lose Your Job?

Losing a job is one of the most stressful experiences in everyone's life, it can affect not only finances, emotions, but also family life. Here are 6 tips that can help you during this difficult time in your life.

Talk to loved ones (friends, family) about your feelings:

Losing a job is often associated with feelings such as sadness, anger, confusion, a sense of loss, and it can also feel like nothing. It is good to share your feelings with people close to you, be it friends or family, they can listen to you, support you emotionally. It is possible that they will also tell you where to find a new job, and maybe even find out about an interesting job offer.

Try not to worry:

Quote: “So never worry about the next day, because the next day will have worries of its own” Plan for the future. Avoid worrying about what might happen. Why? Because we often create black scenarios in our heads. Frequently our fears never materialize (which certainly makes us happy). So it's worth focusing on what is today. There are many more tips on how to manage stress. One of the more interesting ones was given by the National Institutes of Health in the United States: “The first step [to reducing stress] is to make some lifestyle changes (…) Start with a balanced, healthy diet, get enough sleep and exercise Cut down on caffeine and alcohol consumption” and stay away from nicotine, cocaine and other drugs. In addition, these institutes recommend spending time with family and friends and learning a craft or playing an instrument.

Pusty portfel na tle laptopa
Dbaj o budżet

Expenses – make necessary changes:

Quote: “I have learned the secret of being content in all circumstances…whether I have a lot or nothing.” Try to adapt to the current situation. How to do it?

  • Accept the new situation – the sooner you deal with it and start making the necessary changes, the better you and your family will cope with it. Find out if you can take advantage of government support, e.g., from the Poviat Employment Office, MOPS or another organization.

  • Work together – talk to your partner, explain to your children (if you have any) why certain changes are necessary and how to support them. If everyone tries to save and avoid unnecessary expenses, the funds will last longer.

  • Set up a budget – find out exactly what you spend your money on. To make a good budget, first find out what your monthly income will be. List all your monthly expenses, even the ones you know you'll have to give up. You will agree on an amount that you will set aside for unforeseen expenses. It is also worth analyzing small purchases, because it may turn out that small expenses are not so small on a monthly, quarterly or yearly basis.

  • Prioritize your expenses and make necessary adjustments – decide which expenses you can let go of and which ones you can reduce to stay within budget. In areas such as: media, food, transport, clothing, entertainment, shopping of the future.

To stay within your budget, you will need to change how you spend your money. Remember to avoid incurring unnecessary debts.

Biurko na nim laptop z otwartą wyszukiwarka pracy. obok laptopa kawa i segregatory.
Szukanie pracy przez internet

Use your time wisely:

Although you don't work now, and you don't have to, it's still worth sticking to the established rhythm of life. For example, set an alarm clock for 8-9 am, after morning activities and breakfast. You can, for example, spend 4 hours a day looking for a job. You may start with the Internet: go to the websites of employment agencies, job portals such as Pracuj, Indeed, OLX, Gratka, you can also search on Facebook or Instagram. Not only that, but you can send your CV or call your future employer. Sometimes job advertisements can also be found on the windows of shops or restaurants. It all depends on what job you are looking for. Thanks to the routine, you will have a sense of relative stability, and this will positively affect your self-esteem.

Uśmiechnięta Dziewczyna sprzedaje bukiet.
Praca w kwiaciarni - bądź elastyczny

Stack over flexibility:

Quote: “Any hard work pays dividends”.

Be willing to take on work that is different from what you were doing before. You may have to consider jobs that require apprenticeships. Sometimes these may be more subordinate jobs or ones that involve lower pay. However, it may turn out to be a job from which you will derive more satisfaction and from and that you will be happy with later.

Klocki drewniane z nadrukiem postaci połączone liniami przerywanymi. Mają symbolizować połączenia miedzy ludźmi . Bo kto pyta ten nie błądzi.
Bądź wytrwały


Quote: “He who asks, does not wander”.

Don't give up in your job search. As we said earlier, tell others that you are looking for one – relatives, friends, acquaintances, former co-workers and neighbors. Check temporary employment agencies, it's possible you'll find job ads that match your skills or websites of various industry companies. Sometimes an employer will not immediately get back to you after receiving your resume. Therefore, set yourself up for the fact that you will most likely have to submit a lot of resumes sometimes and Cover Letters and have quite a few interviews. So it's worth preparing for such meetings. To find out how, to do this, take a look at the article: “How to make a good impression at a job interview – some useful tips”.


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